Corporative health care

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Increased productivity and motivation with fewer missed workdays. Our expertise lays in providing professional, discrete services of private physicians for teams of directors, managers, and other employees.

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In case of diseases, it isn’t uncommon that employees are, waiting for check-ups and other healthcare services, absent from work significantly longer than expected, which may cause decreased efficiency and in the long term affect productivity which is essential for the success of the company. This is especially applicable in branches of management and administration, when frequent travelling and high stress levels continuously compromise optimal psychophysical capacities, without necessary health care.

Along with concierge private home visits our membership for companies includes quick testing, vaccination (flu, SARS-CoV-2 virus, etc.), health check-ups after vaccinations, quick specialist recommendations and, when necessary, referral and scheduling into the system of secondary health care, as well as regular preventive seminars on most common health conditions (un)related to work and the work environment.

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